Fried Pineapple served with Natural Yoghurt

June 7, 2015 by Ben Parsons

Fried-Pineapple Recipe – Summer Freshness.

It’s summer here at FlavourDelivered HQ and we thought we would share this super easy and refreshing recipe that we trialled incorporating everyone’s favourite summer fruit – pineapple. This may not be strictly-traditional Indian, it is however a super quick treat for the end of any rich meal maintaining that exotic theme; fresh pineapple fried in butter, brown sugar…

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April 7, 2015 by Ben Parsons

Full-Flavoured Coconut Ladoos

Coconut Ladoos are a traditional Indian sweet desert-snack. These treat are usually made for festivals or religious ceremonies however, being super easy to make and loved by everyone, they make an excellent desert come snack. I love them too much, especially when made like this, to save them for a special occasion! Try out my recipe for…

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April 6, 2015 by Ben Parsons

Sweet Treats Alert! Delicious Indian Carrot Burfi Recipe (aka the sweet carrot fudge)

Carrot Burfi (or what we have dubbed a carrot fudge) is a classic Indian sweet made from a mixture of carrot and milk, yes I am writing it correctly – carrots (trust me on it and follow the recipe). Typically, Indian meals do not have a dessert to end a meal like we are accustomed too…

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